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If the waters call out to you, then a career in maritime is a perfect choice. Not only can one be close to the oceans and seas, but it is also a lucrative option.  The maritime industry has become a backbone for global trade and economy. It has played a key role in transporting goods to every nook and corner of the world yet seems to be elusive to people. So here is our attempt to present some of the career prospects to attract young minds into the world of maritime. This is the first in the series to introduce various career aspects in the industry.

1. Marine engineer

A marine engineer is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all major mechanical and engineered equipment onboard a ship. It is a job for one to work on the technical side in ships and for a hands-on experience with complex machinery and equipment. Many engineers are highly specialized and work on a particular area of the vessel like the engine room or with electronic systems. Maintenance and record keeping of machinery and emergency repair of systems are some of the duties of a marine engineer. Marine engineering degree course is a must to join a ship as a trainee or junior engineer.

Source : Maritime News Archives

2. Deck officer

Deck officer is responsible for the navigation of the ship, loading and unloading of cargo and maintenance of deck. The deck officer oversees the general crew when in port to ensure berthing and unberthing. He is also in charge of handling and maintaining of cargo on the vessel. He maintains a navigational watch on the position of the vessel, manoeuvres and develops passage plans using latest technology. The ranks of deck officers include master mariners, chief mates, second and third officers, as well as night vision officers. B.Sc. nautical science, B.S nautical technology, HND Nautical Science are some of the prerequisites for a career as a deck officer. It is also essential to maintain physical fitness to pass the medical tests.

Source: Maritime News Archives

3. Naval architect

Naval architect designs and builds vessels. He is involved in design, quality control, repair, and construction of Naval vessels. Naval architecture is the science and engineering of designing and manufacturing of sea-going vessels such as ships, yachts, powerboats, steamers, tugs, fishing boats, barges, warships, cruise ships, icebreakers, and submarines. He is also responsible for the economic feasibility, values, and safety of the vessels. The qualifications needed to land the job varies from country to country. But it is essential to hold a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering and naval architecture.

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4.Port manager

The management and logistics of the port’s operations falls on the port manager. He needs to be well versed with the types of ships on port, the cargo that needs to be handled and be aware of the port rules and regulations. He keeps the entire port in a state suitable for proper operation and development. He could oversee single or multiple ports and be in charge of single aspect like logistics or sale. A bachelor’s degree in engineering, logistics or business is required for a job as a port terminal manager. But a post graduate diploma or MBA in shipping and port management is preferred.


5.Shipping manager

Shipping Manager is responsible for tasks like packaging, verifying content for shipping, receiving packages, ordering supplies, and managing staff. The main goal is to always ensure timely, accurate and secure shipping and distribution. Budgeting and reporting, organization, good leadership skills and communication skills are a must for a shipping manager. Nowadays, shipping manager must be acquainted with information systems and their workings. Shipping managers mostly get placed at large logistics corporations like DHL and FEDEX. Bachelor’s degree in logistics or supply chain management is the qualification needed for shipping managers. Proficiency in electronic shipping software such as ShippingEasy and ShipStation is also preferred by companies.


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